Firing of the kiln with wood

After putting the stove door, the kiln is taken slowly to temperature with the use of a gas burner.

After all the water has been evaporated out of the clay we are increasing the temperature with logs of firewood.

The constant and rhythmical filling of the heating rust with logs of firewood guarantees a not too rapid but constant increase of the temperature.

The wood-firing that last more than 36 ours in order to obtain the best results of surface structures. Each firing requires about 8 to 9 cubic meters of wood of chestnuts, pines and cherries.

Insights the burning chamber at reduction phases about 1150 C . You can see how the flames flow around the raw products.

Control of the Seger cones during the whole firing

Soda salting at about 1285 C with the support of 5 gas burners.

The answer comes out immediately!

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