And in meantime...

One should not forget to fortify himself with a good meal that provides strength for the rest of the firing.

Maybe with duck breast and caramel-coated shallots. Accompagnied by Williams pears braised in Madiran as well as Italian Tagliatelle pasta with oak-leaf salad seasoned with a delicious balsamic vinegar dressing. Recipes on demand via e-mail

Or something a bit lighter?

A small snack with bruschetta, green olives and pasta à La Poterie

After the lunch break : back to work !

The boss pursues the soda salting in the final stages of the woodfiring. The salting is repeated 5-6 times depending on the desired results and last more than 5 hours.

After about 36 hours of rock-hard labour we are just unable to feel our arms any more. After a hold time at a constant temperature the kiln is closed hermetically and we finally get our well-deserved shower!

Finally the moment has arrived!

After 5 days and 5 nights of cooling down, we slowly open the kiln with much curiosity.

Look and unpack! Every piece is carefully examined and judged. As on every firing, we are very happy about some particularly well done ceramic pieces.

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