...is situated in Magnoac at the core of Southwestern France, 1 1/2 hours from the Atlantic, 2 hours from the Mediterranean, and 40 minutes north of France's border with Spain.

A lovely area in which one rediscovers the quality of life, Magnoac forms part of the ancient region of Gascony - the place where the memorable tales of 'Les Trois Mousquetaires' (The Three Muskateers) took place.



Today, Gascony is known for its culinary specialties

grilled frogs with garlic and rosemary

- fine wines, magret de canard (duck breast), foie gras, black and white truffles and outstanding goat cheese - as well as a mild and pleasant climate.

Real good consumptions from country site, Renate's duck chest in Madiran wine ( Bordeaux )
Clean and unspoiled, the area is ideal for green tourism and offers interesting activities including hiking, fishing, local markets and visits to historical sites.

Pond of the pottery, a small spot in the paradise ...for example in the lovely Moulin d'Aries visitors return home strengthened and refreshed.

On inquiry we like to send you interesting informative material of our beautiful region

We are a small pottery specializing in the production of stoneware in its many variations. Attractive and timeless, our stoneware ceramics are practical and durable for daily use.

Show room of our pottery Show room

...but beyond practical ceramics, you will also find numerous beautiful items, to decorate and enrich your house and your garden.

Garden ceramic for falling in love

If you like the small choice of our gallery and you want to spend your holidays in France then you are welcome in our pottery and you will be able to enjoy the great choice and variety of our ceramic items.

Show room of the pottery

You are welcome to our workshop in France

Workshop entry

You have the choise:

  • Stoneware - fired at 1300°C
  • Wood fired, salt-glazed stoneware - fired at 1300°C
  • Decorative garden ceramic - this one beautifies your garden in winter
  • Skulptures
  • Single items - in different styles and techniques
  • Porcelain - transparent, easy and elegant
For your safety our ceramics contain neither lead nor cadmium.

Our ovenproof dishes can be put into a stove without hesitation; all our dishes can be used in a microwave oven or a dishwasher. All garden decoration is frost-resistant.


Renate und Lutz Hillen-Degenhardt
F-65230 Thermes-Magnoac
phone: 0033 - 562 398 348
e-mail: ArtCeramiqueHD@yahoo.fr