A prestigious book that will come out on March 2007

A walk through thirty of the most beautiful gardens of Gascony, this magnificent book reveals the wealth, the charms and the secrets of these little spaces of verdure embedded in the heart of south-western France.

Palm, bonsai or rock gardens, ancient or contemporary gardens of collectors, painters or even enlightened and passionate garden aficionados in the search of harmony and beauty....

The authors invite us to discover these unexpected green spaces and yet so typical and charming that lay in the heart of Gascony. They present and describe these luxurious gardens, narrate their history while drawing a portrait of their owners, who with all their hearts created, crafted, carried out and maintain these green paradises.

Each garden is also an opportunity for the authors to emphasise a practical advice, an idea, an example, a clever bitů steaming from the described garden and that everyone can use for the design of his own space of verdure, whether he comes from Gascony or elsewhere.

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Secret gardens of Gascony
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