My references, partners and clients*









Acapela (France)

European leader of speech solutions

Technical translations


Is a company that develops, produces and supports leading airliners

Technical translations

Anès Beauté (France)

Donkey milk farm

Translations of the website



Translation agency (France)

Technical translations

Auxilium (France)

Cultural association

Administrative translations

Axihom (United-States)

Worldwide  leader in thermal printing solutions

Technical translations

CellularLine SPA (Italy)

European leading manufacturer of accessories for mobile phones

Technical translations

Château de Floure (France)

3 star hôtel and restaurant

Translations of the website


EU Coordination (France)

Translation Agency

Technical translations

Patent Office (Germany)


Technical translations

Hartmann (Germany)

Leading manufacturer of medical and hygiene products

Medical translations

Inventel (France)

is an industrial company specialized in wireless voice and data communication. Inventel designs and provides wireless products connected to the broadband and PSTN fixed networks.

Technical translations   

La Poterie Hillen (France)

Arts and crafts firm specialized in the manufacturing of decorative and useful ceramics made of stoneware and salt glaze.         

Translations of the website, business translations

Le Plombier (France)



Lingua (Swiss)

Translation agency

Technical translations

Open2europe (France)

Commercial development of companies based throughout Europe. Customised support including assistance in business development, press relations and translation.

Technical translations

Paris International (France)

Medical translations and VIP service

Medical translations

S.C.P. Montamat-Chevallier-Fillastre-Larroze-Gachassin (France)

Firm of solicitors

Legal translations

Townhall of Thermes-Magnoac


Administrative translations

Vircom (Canada)

Privately held, technology think-tank focused exclusively on secure messaging solutions

Technical translations



*(some of them in the context of a translation agency)