Translations of text documents
with the following main emphases:

I put large value on not solely translating the source text that I am entrusted with into the target language but bring it into line with the respective country specific cultural conditions and mentalities therewith your vis-à-vis business partner feels personally concerned. Thus it will lend your business an attractive and effective image for advertising purposes.
• Technical texts and technical specifications
• Specifications of materials and products
• Descriptions of products
• Descriptions of working and producing methods
• Documentation
• Commercial texts
• Business letters
• Birth certificate and diploma
• Translation of your homepage in German, English and French
• Private and business orientated correspondence
Catherine-Caroline Hillen
Of course, the information entrusted to me is dealt with utmost discretion!
You want to set up your own business and you need assistance and interpreter services for your administrative and professional appointments such as solicitors, estate agencies, accountants or the French guild chamber?
For further information and/or any question, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.
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